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Curso de indoeuropeo

Desde Academia Biblos siempre fomentamos la importancia del conocimiento de la lengua y por eso apoyamos proyectos como el de Academia Prisca. Os invitamos a descubrirlo.


A Guidebook for Modern Indo-European Explorers (Part I), by Fernando López-Menchero, has been published online! https://academiaprisca.org/…/modern-indo-european-self-lea…/

It is a self-learning method divided into fun lessons, carefully designed to introduce the reader to the difficult aspects of Late Proto-Indo-European grammar, offering at the same time interesting notes of culture and language usage.

Each lesson has many examples of few selected grammatical keystones, always built around a common theme that lightens the effort of language acquisition, be it scenes of everyday life, a fairy tale, social events, or formal religious texts.

It is the best resource to date to learn Late Proto-Indo-European, from the most basic level up to an intermediate level (estimated B1–B2, depending on the previous background in IE and classical languages).

We hope you enjoy it!